For over 18 years in the footwear market, Lynd has become a benchmark for the industry, due to its innovative design, cutting-edge technology and the quality of its products. The current national economic scenario, and the growing demand for Brazilian products with international quality and design, allow the expansion of the export market. As a result, Lynd further expanded its business around the world. The investments of the brand in the international market, do not stop. Constantly working as a partner, Lynd works internally in the qualification of it team and with the customers, in the and with the customers, in the distribution of relevant technical information, which mainly helps the sales areas.

The result of this work, is now a consolidated activity in more than 15 countries where the company participates in important fairs, parades in partnership with customers, promotional actions and events of international scope.

The DNA of the brand assumes its prominence, both in the fashion market and in the sports market, connecting the diverse activities of our consumers’ day to day. Product versatility and borderless design make the Lynd brand recognizable among consumers across Latin America.


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+ 55 (37) 3225-9500

Av. Coronel Pacífico Pinto da Fonseca, 620 B. Fausto Pinto da Fonseca Nova Serrana/MG