What are the numberings of Lynd products?

The numbering of the Lynd sneakers are:
BRAZIL – 33 to 40
MER- 34/41
EUR – 35/42
USA 5-9

BRAZIL: 34 to 44
MER – 34/45
EUR- 35/46
USA 5-12

BRAZIL: 27 ao 34
MER – 28/35
EUR- 29/36
USA- 11-4


How do I change the color, number or model of my product?

Lynd does not change color, number or model of footwear. We authorize the exchange only in cases of defects – AS RECOMMENDED BY THE CONSUMER DEFENSE CODE. There are stores that make an exception and perform this kind of exchange, so we suggest you try the store directly where the purchase was made. And do not forget to present the product in its original packaging accompanied by an invoice.

My shoes had a problem, how should I proceed?

In cases of defect in the product purchased, the evaluation must be made to the shopkeeper where you made the purchase. For this, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice and to facilitate, take the shoes inside their original packaging. Our recommendation is for the merchant to make the switch if necessary and Lynd is committed to replacing the product with the merchant to facilitate exchange in all regions of Brazil.

I want to receive catalogs at my residence, is it possible?

You can find the whole Lynd collection on our website and social redeis @LyndOficial.
I’m a shopkeeper and I want to start working with Lynd, how do I do it?
You should contact Representative Lynd who serves your city. For this, it is necessary to consult the Site, in the field “Where to buy” and select the option “Representatives”.
I want to work at Lynd, how do I submit my resume?
To send your resume you need to access the website, in the field “Work With Us”

I want to be a representative of Lynd, how do I submit my CV?

Send your resume to the e-mail or
How to clean my shoes?
Clean your Lynd with dry brush or dry cloth. Never immerse your footwear in water or wash in the washer. If by chance your Lynd gets wet, dry it only in the shade. The sun, dryers and greenhouses are extremely harmful to the product.
Never shine or shine, use a dry brush with soft bristles or a dry or damp cloth to remove dirt.
Keep your Lynd away from sources of heat, excessive moisture, solvents and any kind of oil.
To retain its original shape, store your Lynd with the paper bushing that comes inside the shoe.
Always store your Lynd in a dry and cool place.